OA Publication

OA Publication Journals are globally accessible where researchers, innovators, companies and citizens can publish, find and re-use each other's data and tools for research, innovation and educational purposes. OA publication promote the faster distribution of the cutting edge knowledge and invites more broadly participation in the discovery of new knowledge to the benefit of researchers and citizens. OA journals helps to build a collaborative relationship between different entities to work toward shared objective of creating sustainability. OA journals promote new models of scholarly communication. OA publication promote Modern reward and recognition practices need to support data sharing and re-use. OA publication promote the links between the technology producers and technology users are crucial for linking research to socio-economic needs, leading to future wealth and job creation.

Our Vision

Provide seamless, reliable and ubiquitous access to scholarly, peer-reviewed electronic resources to the academic community in all educational and research institutions with a focus on services, processes and practices that support its effective use and increase value of this information.

Our Mission

Providing Resources, Support and Advice for students and early career researchers in their journey from writing to publishing the research papers. Open Access publication publishes the high quality journals and spreads this research to the widest possible audience.